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Cloud PBX Application and Device Purchase Guide

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【Methods of Payment:Prepaid】
    The Services will be available after account activated once purchased Unique and Phone Number on the Circle Management Page then configured on your device.
    Using the Login URL found in the User's guidelines which was sent through email, purchase prepaid in Circle Management Page.
【Document / Materials for Evaluation】
  (Individual Customer)
〔[Evaluation will start upon receipt of any of the following documents listed]〕
    Submit any of the follo運転免許証wing: driver's license (Both sides,excluding international driver's license), passport (Including address description page), alien registration card
〔[The documents which need plural submission to start an evaluation]〕
  Submit 2 documents from the following: Health insurance card, certificate of residence and resident registration card, utility bills.
All submitted documents must be valid. (Utility bills must be issued within the last 3 months)
  (Corporate Customer)
  Copy of Registration Certificate (*within three months after issue)
  Submit any of the following: Driver's license (Both sides,international driving permit not included), passport(Including address description page), alien registration card.
  Corporate website URL or equivalent corporate announcement media
  Principles:General rule of registration: with a fixed telephone number of a corporation.In the case of mobile phones, the telephone number of the representative or the delegate.Mail address other than free email and mobile phone e-mail.
* If the applicant is not the representative director, a power of attorney or employee's identification card or business card is required
※海外法人様の場合、特定記録郵便 送付可能な国内登記事務所がない場合、外線転送機能のご利用はできません。
電話転送サービスとは、あらかじめ設定しておいた他社の電話番号へ自動的に転送する機能です。電話転送サービスを利用する場合は、審査の一環として、ご登録住所(身分証記載住所)へクラウドPBX申込み確認書を特定記録郵便転送不要で送付致します。不着の場合 、開通不可となります。対面でお申込みの場合、特定記録郵便は送付不要となります。
【For customers who want to purchase Voip Prodicts only】
    Please register your account and login. At the Account Management page after logging in, please choose "Voip Products List" from the "Purchase/Terminate" menu item, and proceed purchasing Voip Products with your preferred payment option
    The purchased items will be shipped after the payment is received..

Glossary of Terms

※1 Account (Free)
    It is an ID that manages and groups client maintained Circle.
    Client information is managed in Circle. The registered Unique can also be managed in Circle.
※2 Circle Management Page
    Purchasing/Termination of new Unique, phone number, various options and devices (IP Phone, etc),
    Checking various settings and incoming/outgoing call history, and changing of subscriber's information are possible.
※3 Unique
    Multiple ID can be registered in Circle. You can set which phone to ring, whenever there is an incoming call to a particular phone number.
    Please select Unique to be purchased that suits your needs.
※4 Phone number
    You can choose from the following incoming and outgoing numbers: 03, 06, 011, 045, 052, 092, 098, 050, 0120.
※5 Unique Management Page
    Confirming voicemail, browsing call history, and setting various things to Unique are possible.
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